Protect and carry your beloved cigars in modern style merged with exceptional Spanish craftsmanship. Each cigar case line is hand crafted and tooled in Spain by master leather craftsmen. Featuring a truly unique production method simply referred to as “hyper-fuse”, this cigar case does not feature a single stitch.


Only a select few atelier’s around the world are capable of this esteemed method of production, which results in a cigar case with a mere production capability of only 20 per day.


Each Banano cigar case has its own individuality. Featuring a unique pattern variant naturally within the leather, each case much like each cigar it will carry has its own personality.



  • Hand crafted in Spain
  • Holds 2cigars
  • Holds up to 50 ring gauge x 5”
  • Genuine Spanish leather
  • No more than 20 cases crafted per day
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