Old Traditions. New Era.

At Warped we embrace the new while honoring the old traditions of our beautiful and artistic industry. In an effort to counteract against the fraudulent cigars that have made their way into the market we have embraced the most up to date authentication process on planet earth to ensure your experience is as it was intended to be.

Your Cigars
Enter the Authentication Code to verify your cigar. Be sure that it is the code shown on the authentication tag on the cellophane sleeve of the cigar.


Where is the Authentication Tag?
Authentication Tag.
The tag above adorns each of our limited edition cigars and has a unique bubble tag on each left hand side. This is your identifier, if your bubble tag patterns matches the one associated with your unique serial number your product is registered authentic.
The Product has been verified.
Bubble Tag™ Image
Congratulations! Your Warped Cigar is authentic and originates from one of our Authorized Retailers and was produced in one of our factories in Little Havana, Miami and Esteli, Nicaragua. Please enjoy the experience!

Your Bubble Tag™ pattern is shown above, please check the pattern on the cellophane sleeve of your Warped Cigar and compared it to the one shown above. If they do indeed match, than your Warped Cigar is guaranteed authentic.
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